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Here are some simple instructions for the care of your new bow.


-Do not over tighten the limb bolts. Over tightening limb bolts can cause cracking in the limb. Tighten only to snug plus 1/8 turn with allen wrench provided.

-Because of our full taper limb design, it is normal to see a slight gap between the riser and limb at the end of the riser when the bow is unstrung.

-The recommended brace height is between 7 ¼" and 7 ¾".


-The long bow recommended brace height should be 6 ¾" to 7 ¼"

66-68" longbows brace height should be 7-71/2"

-Triple Crown recommended brace height should be 71/2" to 81/4"

-Royal Crown recommended brace height should be 7"to 8"

-The Breed recurve recommended brace height should be 6 ¾" to 71/4"

62" Breed recurve should be 7"-71/2"


-ALL BOWS SHOULD BE STRUNG WITH A BOW STRINGER to prevent limb twist damage. Stringing recurves without a bow stringer will void warranty.

-All bows are shipped with Fast Flight strings (Recurves made prior to 2001 were shipped with Dacron strings and will not accept Fast Flight strings) and need to have at least 20 strands in the loop section of the string or warrantee will be void.

-The brace height is measured from the throat of the bow on the belly side, to the string. Occasionally your string will stretch and you will need to twist your string up to raise to the proper brace height. To adjust the brace height, simply unstring your bow and twist your string up to shorten the string. To lower the brace height untwist the string 3 twists at a time and restring, being careful not to untwist the string too far or it will come apart.

-DRY FIRED BOWS-will void warrantee

- NOCK POINT- set approximately ½-5/8 inch above the shelf.

- TIP PROTECTORS- should be removed periodically to clean the string grove and inspect wear on bottom string loop.

-The finish is a high grade epoxy.

-With a little care this bow should serve you for many years.

- We always enjoy seeing photos of you with your new bow.

Happy hunting and shooting!

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